Russell Rose


Now based in Brighton, I have held a Body Psychotherapy practice since 1996, having completed a five-year training at The Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy, and am accredited with UKCP and CABP.

Contemporary Body Psychotherapy is an integrative approach that not only draws upon techniques and perspectives from other disciplines but seeks to unify them into a cohesive relational model of psychology that also embraces neuro-science and physics. 

Underpinning my approach is a fundamental understanding of the body and mind as being one interwoven holistic system, and I don't consider thought processes to be more significant to exploring the psyche than any other conscious or unconscious modes of expression; such as emotion, sensation, body posture and language, intuition, imagery, energetic presence, or relational dynamics.

I have a particular interest in enactment-dynamics, how it is crucially that the dynamics of a primary relational wound will manifest in the implicit dynamics between the the therapist and the client, and I have written extensively on this subject. 

Body Psychotherapy can be effective for working with any emotional, psychological, or relational issues, and is particularly useful for addressing trauma. However, many people choose Body Psychotherapy also for simply deepening their experience of themselves in the body-mind and in their spiritual process. 

Having been engaged in one form of therapeutic work or another for thirty years, it's rare that a client comes to me with issues that I have no previous experience of working with successfully, although I receive each client as an absolutely unique individual.

Touch may be used by a Body Psychotherapist, alongside many other body-mind interventions, but only through negotiation and agreement, and is not by any means an essential aspect of the therapeutic process

I work from The Rock Clinic,  Brighton. BN2 5TA

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I am greatly influenced by the work of Michael Soth, Integra-cpd, for me the leading theorist in Body Psychotherapy