I’m happy to offer supervision to a practitioner from any therapeutic discipline, having engaged in an initial email or phone conversation that considers the compatibility between your needs and my skills.

A consistent thread in my supervisory position is parallel process, the manner by which the unconscious dynamics between the therapist and the client are enacted in the dynamic relationship between the supervisee and the supervisor. This might reveal itself on a cognitive, psychological, emotional, somatic, or dynamic level; and may become quickly apparent, or may instead become more embedded as a parallel re-enactment. I don’t believe that parallel re-enactments should be necessarily avoided. Indeed, I believe them to be inevitable and deeply beneficial to the therapeutic process once they have been identified, contained, and explored.

I charge £50-£70 for a 50-minute session for fully qualified practitioners, and £40 for Trainees.

I will also supervise professionals from adjacent therapeutic disciplines, such as yoga teachers, homeopaths and so on, who benefit from a psychological input that includes parallel processing.

I work from The Rock Clinic, Eastern Road, Brighton. East Sussex. BN2 5TA. I am happy to use Skype.

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